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The Central Act at the Greek Theater in the General San Martin Park of Mendoza city is the great finale for the Grape Harvest Festival. It is a spectacular show of dances, artistic representations and light & sound in which some 1,000 actors and dancers participate in a gigantic finale.

The Grape Harvest Festival takes place annually in Mendoza City, Mendoza Province, Argentina. It is a world-renowned celebration of wine and the winemaking industry and attracts thousands of visitor’s to Argentina’s top wine region. Like Carnaval for wine enthusiasts, it’s held each year at the start of the grape-picking season and dates back to the 17th century

The “Acto Central” takes place in the huge Frank Romero Day Greek theatre (seating over 20,000) and pays homage to the “Virgen de la Carrodilla” and features traditional folklore music. The finale of the show sees the election of the “Reina Nacional de la Vendimia” and a large firework display.

*The Central Act is performed and re-acted for four consecutive nights.

Grape Harvest Festival Details

Central Act Details

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